Jun 12, 2017

I am currently working as a part-time Dental Assistant here in Cyprus, knowing I have no knowledge or background about dentistry and also I am not allowed to work legally yet as my yellowslip residency registration is still on the process. immigration takes ages I've got bills to pay. Ask Me Anything!

AMA The Monkey Pox Disease in Nigeria

Ask Me Anything about "Home", a short drama about family and belonging, set against a backdrop of contemporary political upheaval and a rising suspicion of migrants.

Oct 26, 2017

Ask Me Anything About Travel to Iran

I am a photographer raising money to publish a photobook 'WE THE PEOPLE' honoring the strength of the American identity brought by immigration #celebratediversity: Ask me anything

Tourism Marketing. Wanna know about it? Just #AMA or Ask Me Anything. #AMAfeed

Oct 3, 2017

My parents fled their country, I was born in a refugee camp, we immigrated- we had nothing. Today, I appreciate everything. I've been a female traveler for over 6 years to dozens of countries, and am an aspiring blogger. Ask me anything!

Oct 14, 2017

Operation: America ask me anything

Oct 12, 2017

I am a travel junkie, digital nomad and the co-founder of wherecani.live – in 5 minutes we’ll show you all of the countries in the world where you can live and how to make it happen. Ask me anything.

I am writing a book (a nonfiction novel) about my Californian family of Jewish and Chinese immigrants: sixteen stories written in the first person. Ask Me Anything!

Hello. My name is Albert. I come from Venezuela and I'm hosting a crowdfunding campaign so I can move to Peru. Ask me anything.

Jul 29, 2017

Hey all! I'm Roman (that's my name, I'm not Italian). I am an immigrant, a New Yorker (city, not state), a traveler, an ex-pat, a writer, a storyteller, an empath, a frequent hearer of too-personal information from perfect strangers... and an all-around pretty funny dude. Ask me anything, please.

Oct 17, 2017

I'm building "Stripe for PDFs" while living in Thailand. AMA!

My name is Zenon! I am a short film director, crowdfunding a film about racial intolerance. Ask me anything #AMA #willwesurvive

Hi, after living all of my life in Serbia, my husband and I decided to pack our things and move to Canada with our two small kids in search for a better life. Ask me anything!

IF You re confused about your Overseas Education Plan, You must give us a try. We believe We can help You make the best choice there is in the market. Ask me Anything

Sep 9, 2017

Hello Everyone! I'm Kim, a Registered Nurse. Are you a caregiver or a nurse and looking for a better job opportunity? Ask me anything about care giving in Singapore in home care setting. Will be happy to assist you!

I am a dentist and I have migrated to Canada. To achieve your dreams and goals is indeed a big challenge into a new system. Ask me anything about Immigration

Aug 7, 2017

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of in Mexico ! Ask Me Anything

AMA about supporting Venezuelans emigrate to Chile

Aug 28, 2017

I am a University English Instructor at an international university in Taiwan. I am also CEO of Staats Education. Ask me anything about my experience with English education, or any English related questions.

Ask my anything you want to know about PURR Cat Café. Help support the COOLEST CATS in town! PURR will be Boston's first Cat Café. PURR will partner with a local cat rescue group and all of the cats at PURR will be adoptable. Please support our mission!

Aug 26, 2017

I am a British Expat stranded in West Africa and need to get home urgently for medical and family reasons. I am therefore trying to spread awareness of my GoFundMe campaign to raise the money I need to return home, to health and a new start. Please do Ask Me Anything if you feel you can help my appeal. Thank you for your consideration.

Jul 10, 2017

Hi I'm David, I'm 23 Years old and I'm an openly queer person living in México who's also been in a committed relationship for three years. AMA if you wish

Jul 9, 2017

I've lived in Spain and Israel. I paid my own way to 28 countries. The world is at your finger tips. Ask me anything!

Jun 27, 2017

I'm a Filipino expat, freelance writer and VA expat based in Dubai, UAE. I love the sun, sea, and sand! Dubai is my second home so let me be your guide. Ask me anything.

Hi, my name is Colleen. I've moved house 14 times and moved schools 6 times. I'm 16 years old. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 9, 2017

After living in Asia for 3 years, I will move back to Europe in the middle of October. ASK me anything!

Jun 18, 2017

I traveled and lived abroad for 3 years, averaging $8900 per year for all expenses. Ask Me Anything!

May 19, 2017

Born in South Africa, raised in Italy and now living in The Netherlands. AMA!

Came to Germany on a Tourist Visa, then got a Workpermit ,yesterday got my Permanent Residence permit in Germany: all in 2.5 years time, Story of an Indian Immigrant. AMA

Mar 16, 2017

I'm a gay, illegal immigrant, zero social life, still lives with his parents, virgin...AMA!

Apr 21, 2017

I am a refugee who escaped to and settled in Europe in my teenage years. Ask me anything!

Apr 25, 2017

I am 26 and fighting brain cancer. I am married to wonderful Russian immigrant with a 2 year old daughter named Alice - AMA!

Apr 24, 2017

17 year old son of Cuban immigrants who fled Cuba during the Cold War, starting the process of writing a first album, lets chat about music and cuba, or maybe something else? AMA!

Apr 1, 2017

I am a practicing attorney in Boston, an expert on immigration law and policy, and a lecturer at Northeastern University. Questions about immigration law/policy, how the system works in practice, o...

Jul 19, 2017

UDPATE: I'm an American (non-immigrant), U.S born, black female of Generation Z. AMA

Apr 16, 2017

Ask a syrian refugee anything AMA

Apr 14, 2017

I'm an expat in China getting married to a Chinese girl later today. AMA!

Apr 12, 2017

I am an immigrant who moved from Eastern Europe to the United States. AMA!

Apr 10, 2017

I'm a Serbian refugee that was adopted as an infant and found out as an adult. AMA

Apr 6, 2017

IamA Syrian immigrant in Germany. What do you say about me?AMA!

Apr 3, 2017

We Are For The Refugees - A Non Profit Working To Bring Refugees Who Sheltered Snowden to Canada. AUA!

Apr 3, 2017

I am a former UN refugee who escaped communist Vietnam as a child AMA!

Mar 13, 2017

I am the daughter of two Undocumented Mexican Immigrants and a first-generation college student who grew up in a poor, high crime-rate, segregated area. AMA!

Mar 12, 2017

I am Bryan Ogden. An expat living in Fujushima during the disaster six years ago, English teacher, employment recruiter, and aspiring author. AMA!

Mar 1, 2017

IamA American volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece for mostly Syrians. AMA!

Nov 15, 2017

I'm a Gay Syrian Refugee. Ask me anything

Nov 13, 2017

I watched 2 million syrian refugees flee and settle in my country, ask me anything.

Nov 10, 2017

IamA Canadian immigration and refugee lawyer. AMA!

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